Melanie Grant is undoubtably the Queen of Skin in Australia. With a client list consisting of Miranda Kerr, Jessica Gomes, Nicole Warne, Lara Bingle and Phoebe Tonkin, it reads more like a red carpet A-list than a skin clinic schedule.  Melanie Grant is renowned in Sydney beauty circles for transforming pigmented, blemished, uneven skin tones into clear, luminous complexions. 

Whilst Melanie Grant is the go-to skin expert in Sydney, Grant holds the same belief as Par Olive- that beautiful skin starts from within. Grant believes nutrition and diet play a pivotal role in achieving beautifully smooth, glowing complexions, believing an anti-inflammatory diet is best for skincare. This means no gluten, wheat, dairy or sugar. 

Here we do beauty from the inside out: Grant’s top beauty foods, her day on a plate, and the best supplements for skin health. 

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What are your top beauty foods?

  1. Water, preferably alkaline
  2. Foods rich in essential fatty acids: salmon, avocados, nuts, nut butter, hemp oil, flax seeds.
  3. Bone broth- must be organic without salt (Shop HERE)
  4. Dark leafy greens, berries, anything fresh and colourful
  5. Protein – I like pea protein from The Beauty Chef and Teresa Cutter and good quality organic chicken.


What does your day on a plate consist of?

I try to eat organic where possible, lots of vegetables, no gluten or dairy and no refined sugar or processed foods. 


I start the day with a big glass of alkaline water with lemon. Then a coffee, long black with a dash of almond milk. (Always fresh or Nutty Bruce). 

Breakfast is a smoothie filled with: blueberries, ¼ of an  avocado, baby spinach, pea protein and bone broth cubes blended with maca, flaxseeds, probiotic powder, he sho wu, triphala, water, ice and whatever other herbs or powders I can find to throw in.  I also have a large carafe of water on my desk, infused with cucumber or lemon and ginger, I make sure I drink 2 liters throughout the day)  


For lunch, wild Canadian salmon either on it’s own or with brown rice, sometimes with avocado. I snack on nuts, throughout the day. Almonds are my favourite. Actually I eat far too many, I need to stop. For an afternoon treat either a loco love coconut chocolate or a carob bear with a chai or peppermint tea, just a jiggle in hot water, no sugar of course.


Dinner always consists of lots and lots of vegetables in winter or salad in summer with fish or chicken and a gin and soda on the weekend.


What beauty food supplements do you recommend your clients?

I always recommend that my clients start with a healthy, balanced diet. Organic where possible with little to no refined sugar. There are a few beauty supplements I recommend also: