There are those facialists who you see when you need to get your skin event ready STAT. Then there are those facialists you see when you’re suffering from hormonal/ break out prone skin. Then there are the facialists you will donate your left kidney to see for all-year-round plump and hydrated skin. If plump, dewy and balanced skin is your thing, then Sue Dann is your girl.

I first learned of Sue Dann when I started using Dr Spiller Skincare. My introduction with Dr Spiller started with the Propolis Night cream when I was overusing active ingredients, and seeking hydration without the ensuing breakout to follow like some moisturisers I had used in the past.  I had never received so many compliments on how plump, radiant and dewy my skin was looking (and crystal clear!). Since then, I’ve been hooked. I now use the Hydra Collagen Cream every single evening to maintain hydration whilst fighting the signs of ageing (its never too early to start).

Sue has a holistic approach- she looks at your skin, the texture, the elasticity as well as your diet. She looks at you- both internal and external factors. Her tips, below, can be carried through to your skincare routine to give you a more concise understanding of the sometimes overwhelming world of beauty.


Retinol: Friend or Foe?

“As with anything in life, everything in moderation.” Sue explains. Active ingredients such as Retinol, can be beneficial to the skin, however, overuse can have a very negative effect i.e. inflammation and sensitivity (the main causes of ageing). “Beta carotene is a pre-Vitamin A that the skin converts to Vitamin A when needed. This is ideal for long-term use as the skin isn’t sensitised. Its like drip feeding your skin! My favourite pick is Dr Spiller Vitamin A Night Cream. ($183)



With an ever overflowing influx of beauty products on the market, it is hard to know what products are the non-negtiables. Sue details, “Cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturising are your non-negotiables. Basic, time tested and simple. Consistency in skincare is the name of the game, and will ensure your skin is refined and clear all year around.” (My personal favourite exfoliator is the Dr Spiller Jojoba Peeling Cream ($68))



“I believe traditional non invasive skin treatments can give long term skin health to any condition, without damaging the skins protective barrier [edit note: acid mantle] to get results.” Sue recommends multi modality treatments such as: Ultrasound, Micro Current, Low level radio frequency, Herbal Peels and Mesotherapy (needle free injection) to help infuse active ingredients, firm, strengthen and tone the skin.

These treatments can be used on all skin types to treat skin concerns such as pigmentation, enlarged pores and redness. Read more about the Herbal Activ Peel here.


 Eating for Good Skin

“Cut out all refined sugars. Quitting the sugar habit will cut down inflammation in the body as well as the skin, which is known to be a main cause of collagen break down.” Eating a well balanced diet containing healthy fats such as: nuts, salmon, hemp seeds, cold pressed olive oil and ghee, can have an astounding effect on your skin health. 



“To keep our skin healthy, we must protect our natural barrier, the acid mantle.”  The balancing act that this barrier carries out is critical for skin health. Sue further explains that “Any active ingredients can cause a breakdown in the skins natural barrier,  therefore creating inflammation, sensitivity and dehydration.” Whilst we’re not recommending you cut out your Vitamin C or glycolic toner completely, we just recommend to use it more sparingly. “If your skin feels irritated, tight or dry, it can mean that it has been stripped. Aim to bolster your skins natural barrier with protective, nourishing and nutritive products.” 


Favourite Products

“My favourite product for myself is the Dr Spiller Celltresor Intense Rebuilding Cream ($397). It is a rich and amazing fusion of tried and tested anti-aging actives with the latest active innovations.”

– Olivia Boyd-Smith


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