If you haven’t heard of him, you’ve no doubt seen his work. The King of tanning himself, James Read has been bronzing the likes of Lara Stone and Rosie Huntington-Whitely for years. We were lucky enough to be blessed with his bronzing magic. We managed to sit down and ask him the top questions to have you naturally glowing all summer long.
Read on to achieve an even, natural, summer glow:

Par Olive James Read Tan Olivia Boyd-Smith

Achieving a realistic, natural, glowing tan over summer can often be a struggle, what are your top tips?
  • It’s so important to never over apply your self tan. If you do it looks unnatural and unhealthy.
  • Use a tan that suits your skin tone. For example if you have a paler skin consider using a gradual tan like to Coconut Melting Tanning Balm. If you have medium – dark skin go for a mousse or spray, which will provide a deeper colour.
  • Always moisturiser and exfoliate 48 hours before applying. Also shave or wax 48 hours prior to allow your
  • Don’t apply over old tan, it will build up and not in a good way. Always ensure your skin is like a fresh canvas.

Who has been the most memorable (for all the right reasons) celebrity you have worked with?

Working with a lot of celebrities from the beginning of their careers, like Lady Gaga has been amazing. Lady Gaga in particular made me more driven to do what I wanted to do. Her attitude towards life and sheer determination really inspired me.

What sparked your interest in starting your own tanning line?

 As a child I always wanted to do something of my own. I set up a school Magazine, I was JJ Manners as the Editor. I remember watching the September issue and the scene when Anna’s dad asked her what she wanted to do and she said “Editor of American Vogue”. I knew then that I wanted to have my own brand.

Could you share with us your best tanning tip?
  • 48 hour prep – wax/shave, exfoliate, moisturise 48 hours prior, not just before
  • Moisturise daily to keep your tan lasting longer or even better an aftersun to help maintain your tan
  • Use an elastic band around a wooden spoon to apply on your back

We’re LITERALLY obsessed with your NEW coconut oil gradual tan.
how exactly does THIS MIRACLE PRODUCT work?

So this was the world’s first oil based self tan. It contains raw coconut oil and raw encapsulated DHA (water based). To best apply, mix before you use it and warm it up in your hands before apply in small amounts. One limb at a time. It also suits all skin types as it’s a natural tan.Par Olive Beauty Health Olivia Boyd-Smith James Read Tan 


What are the strict no no’s with tanning?
  • Don’t wash your hands straight after you tan so you don’t get water flicked on your body leaving marks
  • Don’t clean your teeth after a tan, drink from a straws to avoid a white rim around the mouth
  • Don’t reapply over self tan, always prep in between

What can we do if our tan goes terribly wrong?

 Go to a steam room at the gym and sit for 20 minutes, wipe yourself with a towel and it will completely take off your self tan. Chlorine can have a similar effect! Face wipes also help to strip tan off. If you make a mistake or have tan build up on hands, try using a conventional face wipe to remove excess.


Words: Olivia Boyd-Smith, Editor
Imagery: Mecca Cosmetica