First things first, Melanie Grant is not your regular celebrity facialist. Rather, Mel is a one woman, self-made career woman, sketching her way into the global beauty world (did we mention MG is the Skin Expert for CHANEL?), whilst also raising her two young boys. 

We convinced MG to share a little snippet of our best career advice, from how to find balance, why she opened her second clinic in Melbourne, and the best career advice for those wishing to break into the beauty industry:

How long did it take to plan and execute your exquisite skin sanctuaries?

 I’d always planned to have my own clinics, and was fortunate to have a clear vision of the business I wanted to create. I wanted my clinics to be a place that I would go myself, personal and client-centric, luxury without pretence. Deciding to actually take the plunge was the hardest part for sure – and definitely took the longest time. Once I had committed though, it was only a matter of months before I opened Double Bay.


What sparked the idea to open up your second clinic in Melbourne?

 I’ve always loved Melbourne, and also strangely had so many clients from Melbourne visiting me in Sydney, making it a natural progression for the business. I’m so glad that I did, I’ve truly never looked back!


How do you balance your business life and family life?

 Ha! There’s definitely no balance! While I love what I do, running any business is a very big personal commitment. And even though my family and boys come first, there are always little sacrifices made – as every working mum knows what I’m referring to here. 

What would be your best career advice to girls in their 20’s?

Beauty is a huge industry with so many disciplines. I encourage young graduates to get a grounding in all the different aspects of our industry. As your experience diversifies, you can start to understand what you really want to specialise in. And when you’ve found your specialty – be great at it! This is better than trying to be a generalist, doing everything but not being great at anything. The profession is by no means glamorous or easy, but it’s so rewarding.

Par Olive Beauty Health Olivia Boyd-SmithThe exquisite Melanie Grant Armadale Clinic is an encapsulating experience in a chic sanctuary that has the power to completely abolish any and all of your skin woes, forever. 

Words: Olivia Boyd-Smith
Photography: Melanie Grant